I piatti di cannavacciuolo

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The interview with Antonino Cannavacciuolo

i piatti di cannavacciuolo

Le ricette di Antonino Cannavacciuolo per “Cucine da Incubo” le trovi QUI! I MEDAGLIONI DI POLENTA sono un piatto saporito e sfizioso che piacera a grandi.

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It is a difficult name to remember but it cannot be forgotten, a Neapolitan mark that in the double consonants and in the improbable sum of vowels expresses the Campania vocation for generosity and excess. Such a name calls for a great destiny, and we are lucky that Antonino used his talent in the kitchen. His birth was already prestigious: he was born in Vico Equense, a small town counting 20 thousand citizens which brought up excellent restaurants and, like a surge, led the talent of Cannavacciuolo to Piedmont. During his way, he enriched with the necessary technique, eliminated excesses, cared for presentations, polished imperfections and widened his wealth of products. The chef presented himself at the finishing line with pasta from Gragnano, kid from Bisalta, fatty liver and buffalo mozzarella, to cite but some of his strong points. To bring together such an orchestra would have been difficult to anyone; Cannavacciuolo succeeded in it with the gift of the greatest, that of moderation and balance, which hides the work of man and makes the most difficult things appear easy.

Inspired by the traditions of his homeland, the Campania, his adoption territory, Piedmont, and the simplicity of the flavors of home, Chef Cannavacciuolo offers an always extraordinary cuisine experience, characterized by the use of excellent raw materials in harmonious fusion bringing the past and present together for an engaging and exciting creative Mediterranean cuisine. In the s, he attended a hotelier trade school which led him on different professional experiences in the kitchens of renowned restaurants in Italy and Europe until the end of the s. Fresh from his accrued experience, the then young Antonino together with his wife Cinzia Primatesta decided to revive the spectacular Villa Crespi. His commitment paid over the years has rewarded him with numerous awards; his first Michelin star in and his second one in as well as being part of the most renowned Italian and international gastronomic guides. The Mediterranean, while visiting the lake, fell in love with the Alps and decided to share with them his precious flavors from the South. Through his cooking philosophy, Antonino Cannavacciuolo expresses not only his career but also moments from his life, a continuous journey of discovery from the traditions of Southern Italy, in particular Naples his cornerstone, to the shores of Lake Orta in Piedmont, where he now lives with his wife Cinzia and their children.

La parola gazpacho andaluso venne usata per identificare questo piatto e differenziarlo rispetto a tutti gli altri tipi di gazpacho visto che questa parola in spagnolo viene usata per indicare qualsiasi tipo di zuppa, calda o fredda.
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Inspiration comes from memories but skill comes from hard work, long nights spent in the kitchen and true passion for a very demanding profession that may not automatically bring rewards for all your efforts. Like in life itself, a meeting point is everything: between north and south, sea and mountains — the secret is balance. Among the cornerstones of my cuisine is the lemon. It is everything in the tradition of Campania, aroma, dessert, a medicine and a refreshment. The best? Why, the ones that come from the Amalfi coast.

Though there is no restaurant on our complex itself we must draw your attention to the fact that our area boasts a wide choice of places reputed for their excellent cuisine. There is a concentration of starred restaurants within just a few kilometres of La Darbia , beyond comparison with other region in our peninsula. Chef Cannavacciuolo , a native of the Sorrento Peninsula, worked hard behind the scenes before his superb cuisine, characterised by a fusion of past and present, southern and northern flavours, began to win international acclaim. A real artist who skilfully juggles the products of his beloved Neapolitan territory, integrating and combining them with those from Piedmont, dearly loved region and his wife's native soil. All this is added to his tireless research and determination to surprise and delight guests with colours, combinations and flavours.

Cucine tutte diverse che hanno le stesse basi, quelle della passione e della voglia di fare sempre meglio. Sei chef, sei racconti capresi, sei cucine differenti. Mani diverse che raccontano le loro storie, i loro vissuti e la loro crescita nei piatti che servono a tavola, portata dopo portata, creazione dopo creazione. La sua strada si incrocia con Capri, dove non era mai stato, nel affiancando lo chef Oliver Glowing e si innamora della filosofia del Capri Palace. La sua creazione preferita? La sta ancora cercando mentre sottopone quelle nuove alla nonna, orgogliosa del suo successo.


The few who do not know Antonino Cannavacciuolo, to understand who he is, reads the name: Antonino, that little befits a man of almost two meters. Then surname: important, typical, characteristic. - E via ad alzare le mani tipo asilo!

Gazpacho, la ricetta originale spagnola





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